Silverstone Club Corner Grandstands: Seating Plan & View info

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Grandstand view from Club Corner at Silverstone

The Silverstone Club Corner grandstands give arguably the best view of any seating area at the whole Grand Prix circuit. 

But of the three Club grandstands, only one has the optimal view of some great overtaking spots, the start / finish line, the pitlane and the podium. 

This article provides everything you need to know about Club Corner including photos and videos of the view, seating plans, tips on the best place to sit and the nearest entrances and car parks. 


Is Club corner a good place to sit at Silverstone?

The Club grandstands are arguably the best place to sit at Silverstone. They have views of the final technical section of the Grand Prix track, Vale and Club corners. 

Additionally, if you sit in Club C you can also see all of the Hamilton Straight (the start / finish straight),  the whole pitlane and the podium at the end of the Silverstone Wing building.

Vale corner and Club corner always see a lot of overtaking action. In fact this is the very place Lewis Hamilton did his double overtake on Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez in the 2022 British Grand Prix.

Club grandstand is split in to three sections – Club A, B and C. Club A is a separate grandstand, Club B and C are part of the same stand which is split about 2/3rds of the way along for ticket and seat numbering purposes.

The three Club corner grandstands at Silvestone
Club corner grandstands B and C at Silverstone

Read on further to see why Club C is my personal choice for the best place to sit. No other grandstand or seating area at Silverstone has the same coverage of such a large section of track, plus start / finish line, pitlane and podium.

For those camping at Silverstone some of the closest campsites to Club corner include the Golf Club, Woodlands and Dadford Road campsite.

Club corner grandstand tickets

This is one of the most popular stands at the F1, so tickets often sell out. If that’s the case and you’r still looking for some, I’d suggest buying tickets through StubHub. Often they’ll appear for sale on StubHub cheaper than official list price, and there’s always lots of single-day ticket options listed as well.

I’ve bought Formula 1 tickets on StubHub a number of times over the last couple of years, including when I went to Las Vegas for the 2023 Grand Prix. I’ve always had a great experience with them and will definitely use them this season for more.

They also have a great ‘FanProtect guarantee’ which ensures your tickets and money are always safe and well protected.

Are there big TV screens at Club corner?

There are two large screens opposite the Club grandstands. These are positioned on the right hand side of the circuit at Vale corner. The two screens are angled slightly differently.

People sat in Club C will have a better view of the left hand screen, whereas those sat in Club A will probably be able to see the right hand screen more easily.

Those sat at the very left hand end of Club C (nearest the start straight) may also be able to see one of the screens attached to the pitlane building.

The images below first show the view of the screens from Club C, and then from Club A.

TV screens at Club corner during the F1

And thanks to Rick in the comments at the bottom of this page, the background of the podium is also used as a screen during the race, which can be seen from Club C.

See this video for an example.

Is Club grandstand covered?

Club Corner A grandstand is not covered, it is completely open to the elements.

Club Corner B and C grandstands are covered. They have a roof over the top of them, plus there is a small visor at the front that drops down a couple of feet to provide extra protection for those seated lower down. The sides of the grandstands are not covered, so if you are sat on the end you might get wet but you will have an amazing, unobstructed view.

Club A grandstand

Where is Club A grandstand at Silverstone?

Club A grandstand at Silverstone in on the outside of the circuit (left-hand side) right on the exit of Vale corner. Of the three Club grandstands, it is the one closest to Vale corner and furthest from Hamilton Straight.

It is directly adjacent to Club B grandstand (on the left of Club A as you look at the track).

Club A grandstand is North-East facing so you will pretty much have the sun behind you most of the day.

Club corner grandstand map and location at Silverstone
Club A grandstand at Silverstone

View from Club A grandstand

Because of its location you get an amazing, close up view of the action coming in to the tight left-right corners of Vale. And this is always a prime spot for overtaking. 

But you aren’t able to see much of the cars as they head on to the pit straight, as the pitlane building blocks your view pretty quickly once they have exited Club corner. You can see the cars as they enter the pitlane, but none of the action in the pits themselves.

The pink track highlighted in the image below is roughly what can be seen from Club A grandstand. The limits of this at either end will vary slightly depending on which side of the grandstand you sit.

The video below was filmed from Club A grandstand and gives a good idea of what is visible.

Club A seating plan

Enter your name and email below and the Silverstone Club A grandstand seating plan will be sent to your inbox (the file is too large to host here!)

The grandstand has rows from A (front / lowest down) to U (back / highest up) and seat numbers that run from 1 (closest to Vale corner) to 111 (closest to the start / finish straight). There is no row I (eye).

Silverstone Club A grandstand seating plan

Club B grandstand

Where is Club B grandstand at Silverstone?

Silverstone’s Club B grandstand is the next grandstand along from Club A. It is on the outside of the track (left-hand side) pretty much equidistant between Vale and Club corners.

Club B is also North-East facing so again the sun will be behind you most of the day.

Map below courtesy of the Silverstone website.

View from Club B grandstand

Being a little closer to Club corner, Club B has a better view of the run in to Vale from the exit of Stowe. Additionally you are able to see more of the start / finish straight, and have a better chance of seeing some pitlane and podium action. Although this depends on which side of the grandstand you sit in.

The diagram below shows the pink highlighted areas as the parts of the track that are mostly visible from Club B.

The video below also shows the view from here when Lewis did his double overtake at the 2022 British Grand Prix. Just listen to the atmosphere in the covered stand!

Club B seating plan

Enter your name and email below and the Silverstone Club B grandstand seating plan will be sent to your inbox (the file is too large to host here!)

The rows run from A (front / lowest) to U (back / highest) and seat numbers start at 208 (closest to Vale) and run to 427 (closest to the start / finish straight). There is no row I (eye).

To stand a chance of having a view of the pit straight, pits and podium aim for higher seat numbers.

Club C grandstand

where is Club C grandstand at Silverstone?

Club C is directly on the outside (left-hand side) of Club corner at Silverstone. It is adjacent Club B grandstand.

Club C is East facing, so you may be looking in to the sun early in the morning but it will slowly move around to the right hand side of you and eventually behind you throughout the day.

Map below courtesy of the Silverstone website.

View from Club C grandstand

Club C has, for me, the best view of any grandstand at Silverstone. You have an excellent view of Vale and Club corners, plus you get to see more of the exit of Stowe corner than from any of the Club grandstands.

Additionally, you can see the whole start / finish straight plus the entrance to the first corner Abbey, as well as the full pitlane. And if that wasn’t enough it is directly opposite the podium. The only other grandstand with such a good view of the podium is Hamliton A, but that one has a very limited view of Vale.

The image below shows how much of the circuit can be seen from Club C, highlighted in pink.

The video below gives an overview of what can be seen from Club C.

In 2023 the Club C grandstand was extended with more seats being added on the extreme left hand-side of the stand (as you look at the circuit).

Some of these new seats are actually parallel with the start / finish straight. As such, they’re close to the adjacent Hamilton A grandstand and can have their view of the end of the straight and Abbey corner blocked slightly.  The further to the left you sit and the higher up you are, the more the Hamilton A stand will block your view.

The video below was taken from seat 648 row P and you can see that the view from here is slightly impeded by the grandstand to the left.

Club C seating plan

Enter your name and email below and the Silverstone Club C grandstand seating plan will be sent to your inbox (the file is too large to host here!)

The rows run from A (front / lowest) to U (back / highest) and seat numbers go from 428 (nearest Vale) to 678 (nearest the start line). There is no row I (eye).

Seat numbers 599 and above are part of the extended section. Seat numbers 616 and up are parallel to the main straight and can have their view impeded by the adjacent grandstand.

Sivlerstone club corner C grandstand seating plan

Where's the best place to sit?

Without a doubt Club C is the best of the three Club Corner grandstands at Silverstone, if you get the right seats.

If you can, avoid seat numbers above 615 as these will have their view impeded by the adjacent Hamilton A grandstand, especially if you sit in the higher rows. If you do get those high seat numbers, go for the lower rows.

The best choices are seat numbers below 600 in Club C and in the higher rows. From there you’ll have an incredible view of Vale, Club, the whole of Hamilton straight and even the entry to the first corner. 

Plus you’ll be able to see the pitlane and the podium. All of this makes Club C, in my opinion, the best grandstand at Silverstone.

How many seats are in Club grandstand?

The three Club grandstands have roughly the following numbers of seats:

  • Club A: 1500
  • Club B: 3400
  • Club C: 2500

Best entrance gate for Club corner grandstands

The nearest spectator entrance gate to Club corner is gate 15. Alternatively the main entrance (gate 19) and gate 16 are also close.

See our article on Silverstone entrance gates for a detailed map of these gate’s locations.

Other Silverstone Grandstands

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I want to get tickets for the MOTO GP and the KTM fan stand only has two seats left but they aren’t together! Shall I book for the club corner C! & shall I go for the 600+seats


Thanks for sharing this information, it’s very helpful and detailed.

One question, could you re-upload the club corner b map seating image? I get a 404 when accessing it.


Hi thanks for such great information Does the Club C section seating plan actually show the seat numbers please?

Maria Kenway

We have tickets on club corner A grandstand but they are for row U seats 92 & 93
These aren’t on the seating plan! Any idea?

Giles Keable

Hi, from watching this years British GP it looks like there is a new stadium right next to Club C far straight end. Looks like it might impend the view of the straight from some seats. Where would you say the best seats are in Club C to get views of the straight and previous corners. Also is it better to be high up or low down or in the middle! Many thanks.

Giles Keable

Yes, thanks for the info.


Hi, when buying the tickets for the next F1 GP, how does it work ? For Club Corner how precise can you be on the choice of your seat ? Can you only choose the grandstand or can you choose the exact seat ? Thanks in advance !

Robert Harris-Jones

That is really very useful and detailed information. Thanks for all the effort you have put into this site. Added to my bookmarks.


Thank you SO much for all of this information, it’s been invaluable as we prepared to book our 2024 tickets! You saved us from so much additional work and we knew exactly which seats to book.


Is there parking near gate 15


Hi – this site has been invaluable in my research for tickets for the 2024 British GP – off the back of the advice in the article (lower than 600 and high row) I have plumped for seats on row R numbers 596 and 597 (the side leg room being on the end of the row will be handy!) – I hope the seats provide a great view!?!?!?!?!

Thanks for your hard work on the site, it really is helpful to total track newbies!


Avoid seats above 615 in clubcorner C. Doh just got seat 616 for F1 next year, lol


Right near the top Q, so defo wont be able to see down the straight if that grandstand roof is in the way


Club b seats row s 270


Any idea whereabouts in grandstand these seats are


Hi, I’ve booked my 2024 seats for club stand A but the numbers went way beyond 111. I’m assuming they have or are planning on adding additional seating to the stand. Do you have a plan for the updated stand yet? TIA your site is so helpful!


Thanks so much for this article. Today we secured Club Corner C seats 578/9 Row U. Will they be okay? I’m starting to get nervous about us being on the back row/ too far from the track…


Just got my tickets for next year and was wondering what the view would be like from club corner b row G 323. Will I be able to see the start/finish straight and pit lane?


Hi all. I’ve bought my husband tickets to 2024 GP for his 50th, but am nervous that the seats aren’t perfect!! Any advice would be amazing! I did try to work out from using this website the best ones for the money I was able to afford, but would love some reassurance! We have seats in club corner row T…. Fingers crossed!!


I got them in B. The little slice in the corner of the picture if that makes sense!!!


Phew!!! Thanks!! It’s all down to this website though I was researching as I was buying them! It was a very tense 15 minutes!! 😆


I saw this video from 2023, which shows that the podium background is also used as a tv screen during the race. So I think Club C spectators have another screen a bit closer by.


Hi is Abbey B a good spot for Moto GP I would like to be front row, where would you recommend row and seat?


Hi there! F1 newbie here, never been. Am thinking of taking my boys (19 and 21) to the Friday practice day. Lots of ticket options, GA and grandstands too. But do you really need to pay more for a specific grandstand seat when I understood that GA is roaming and you can go to any grandstand? Is it worth securing 3 seats like this, so you can guarantee a sit down together and a view? Is it that busy on the Friday that you can’t wing it and just turn up at a grandstand and get seats? Have been looking at Club Corner B seats.

Thank you!

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