Silverstone Entrance Gates: Map, Opening Times, Fast Track

Silverstone entrance gates map and directions for F1

This article provides an annotated map of the Silverstone entrance gates for the F1, Moto GP, Classic and other events, as well as the gate opening times and details on the Fast Track ticket scheme at the F1.

Silverstone is the biggest circuit complex in the UK and it has a number of different entrances. Knowing which one to go in and what the opening times are can be confusing, so make sure you know before you go!


where is the main entrance at Silverstone?

The main entrance for Silverstone circuit is located on Dadford Road less than 1 mile off the A43 which runs between Towcester and Brackley in Northamptonshire.

Click here for a Google Maps pin at Silverstone Circuit

The section of Dadford Road where Silverstone is located is a dual carriageway. If you are heading south down Dadford Road from the A43, Silverstone is the first exit off the first roundabout you come to. There is a large blue and silver Silverstone sign post on the island at this roundabout exit.

Silverstone main entrance

Once you take that exit follow the road along until you pass under the large Silverstone gantry across the road. Proceed straight over the next roundabout and you will get to someone in the entry booth who will ask you where you’re heading, and hopefully they’ll point you in the right direction.

Welcome to Silverstone entrance gantry

If you are heading north up Dadford Road from the Stowe direction, as you near Silverstone there are two large roundabouts. You need the 3rd exit of the second of those two roundabouts, not the first.

Bear in mind that on big race weekends (F1, Moto GP, BTCC) the last stretch of the A43 can be very busy and slow. There are alternative cross-country routes that can get you to Dadford Road avoiding the worst section of the A43. Coming from the North try going through Abthorpe, and from the South go through Stowe.

Read our article on getting to Silverstone by car for better directions and information on the road closures during the big events.

Silverstone F1 entrance gates

Unsurprisingly the Formula 1 event is the biggest event of the year at Silverstone. In 2022 over 400,00 spectators attended the race weekend. Trying to get that many people through the single main entrance is asking for queues and disgruntled fans.

To mitigate this there are a number of spectator entrance gates around the outside of the circuit that you can enter (on foot only). 

Below are two maps that show the Silverstone entrance gates. The first is the official Silverstone F1 weekend map with the gate numbers added, and the second is a satellite image of the circuit.

See the Silverstone interactive map for more details on the 2023 entrance gates.

If you have specific grandstand seat tickets and there are big queues at the main entrance, you can enter at the nearest gate instead. Use the first map above to look at where your grandstand is located and then see which entrance gate is closest.

The gate number labels are different colours. Some entrance gates allowed Fast Track entry and others didn’t. The colour of the gate labels differentiates between Fast Track entry or not. See more information on Fast Track below.

If you’re camping you will need to know which of these entrance gates is closest to your campsite. Our article on camping at Silverstone provides an interactive map with all campsites and entry gate locations.

what is Fast Track for the F1 at Silverstone?

Fast Track tickets for the F1 at Silverstone allow you to gain entry 30 minutes before the advertised gate opening times. Additionally there is a separate lane for Fast Track ticket holders meaning you are likely to avoid the worst of the queues at the various entry gates. The early and speedy entry means you stand a better chance of securing the best viewing spots.

Not all Silverstone entrance gates support Fast Track tickets, see the maps above for a list of which ones do and which ones don’t.

Silverstone F1 Fast Track ticket prices are £10 for Friday, £20 for Saturday, £35 for Sunday and £60 for the full 3-day weekend (in addition to your admission tickets). You can upgrade to Fast Track tickets when you purchase your general admission tickets.

There are no Fast Track tickets available for the Moto GP or other events.

Silverstone gate opening times

what time do the gates open at Silverstone F1?

The General Admission spectator gates for the 2023 Silverstone F1 open at the following times:

  • Friday 7th July –  7:30am
  • Saturday 8th July  7:30am
  • Sunday 9th July – 6:30am

Fast track, grandstand and hospitality enclosure ticket holders can enter the circuit 30 minutes before the times above.

what time do the gates open at Silverstone MotoGP?

The entrance gates at Silverstone MotoGP open to the public at 8am on Friday and Saturday and 7am on Sunday. There are no Fast Track entrances or tickets at the Moto GP event.

what time do the gates open at Silverstone Classic?

The entrance gates at Silverstone Classic open to the public at 7.30am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There are no Fast Track entrances or tickets at the Classic event.

Silverstone MotoGP entrance gates

If you are attending the Moto GP, the entrance gates around the outside of the circuit will have the same numbers as on the maps above. As the Moto GP saw only a quarter of the number of fans the F1 saw in 2022, not all of these entrance gates will be open.

Silverstone have not released a map showing which entrance gates will be open for the Moto GP, so it is advisable to head towards the main entrance area (Gate 19) and go from there, unless your ticket says otherwise.

Silverstone Classic (Festival) entrance gates

The gate numbers around the outside of the circuit is the same for the Silverstone Classic. There are some additional entrances off Dadford Road that can be used for accessing different car parks.

Below is the venue map that was used for 2021 and 2022, so it stands to reason it’ll be pretty accurate for 2023 as well.

main entrance for other events

If you are attending a Silverstone track day, club race meeting, test day or car show you must enter via the main entrance. Once inside you will be directed over the bridge on to the circuit infield where you can make your way to the paddock and pit garages.

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What entrance should I use if I’m walking to the track from a camp site on the towcester road?

Linda Weatherley

Tried Gate 3 today for fast track and they said it wasn’t fast track!

Linda Weatherley

Fast track gates? Trying to email Silverstone to confirm but impossible.


I’ve got GA tickets with my daughter, 1st time also. Best time to get there and entrances? Thanks


Hi thanks, will be getting to Hinton Airfield Park & Ride around 06:00hrs. No specific idea on where to watch race as it’s our 1st time. But reading info looked like Vale, Stowe or Becketts will be best? Thanks


My son would like to watch the student races event on this Sunday 23rd July and also visit the interactive museum, but will he have time to do both? What time is best to arrive and watch the formula student race and via which entrance?

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