How to get to Silverstone by car and avoid the traffic

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Silverstone road sign and directions

Wondering how to get to Silverstone by car? This article provides the best routes from all parts of the country, and includes information on the traffic management and one-way systems in place during the F1 and MotoGP weekends. 

Plus gives some advice on how best to avoid the traffic.


How to get to Silverstone by car

Silverstone circuit is located just off the A43 which runs between the M40 and M1 motorways. When heading to Silverstone by car, most routes will eventually take you along either of these motorways depending on which bit of the country you are coming from. If you’re in a hire car rented from one of the aiports near Silverstone then this applies to you too.

If you are from East of the circuit you might have to do some cross-country driving and never actually get on the M1, you might only go across it as you join the A43.

From West of the circuit it might be the same story, but you may just jump on the M40 for a junction or two again before getting off for the A43.

Silverstone on the A43 between the M40 and M1

Below are the best exits of these two motorways to take to get to Silverstone for some of the smaller events. For the larger events, see the next section.

M1 motorway

South: If you’re heading South down the M1 to get to the circuit, you will want to leave at junction 15A for the A43.

North: For those heading North up the M1, you always want to take exit 15A to get to Silverstone.

M40 motorway

South: Coming South down the M40 towards Silverstone, you should exit at junction 11 on to the A422. At that point, depending on the traffic, you can continue on the A422 towards Brackley where it joins up with the A43.

Or you can take the B4525 which bypasses Brackley and joins the A43 later on. If the traffic on the A43 towards the track on race day is bad, this could be a good option.

How to get to Silverstone from south down the M40

North: Heading North up the M40 to get to Silverstone you want to exit the motorway at junction 10 directly on to the A43.

Silverstone traffic management for the F1

During the F1 weekend the number of people heading to Silverstone is huge. Most of these go by car so traffic on the surrounding roads can be chaos. To try and mitigate this, the Highways Agency work with Silverstone to put a traffic management plan in place.

Silverstone F1 traffic management plan

As this document shows, on the Saturday and Sundays of the F1 race weekend the A43 near Silverstone goes to one-way only. There is no through route for traffic heading in one direction, and a number of diversions are in place as well.

Silverstone A43 traffic road sign

To get to the circuit you might want to consider alternative cross-country routes for the last section of the journey as the traffic can go back to the M40 and M1. As well as the traffic management on the A43, Dadford Road will also be a one-way system. Study the plan before you head out so you know what to expect.

The MotoGP at Silverstone has the same traffic management and one-way systems on the local roads, but not on the A43.

Give yourself lots of time of get there and follow Silverstone and BRDC on twitter for any updates on the day.

Silverstone traffic 3

What area is Silverstone in?

Silverstone is located in the county of Northamptonshire, in a large area of countryside. The circuit is around 90 minutes north of London by car, and only about 60 minutes south of Birmingham. This makes one of the more easily accessible circuits in England for people located in the South and in the Midlands.

Silverstone circuit location

Nearest city to Silverstone

The nearest city to Silverstone is Milton Keynes, which is in the county of Buckinghamshire. This is about 30 minutes South-East of the circuit by car.

Nearest town to Silverstone

The nearest town to Silverstone is Towcester. This is about 10 minutes away by car and one of the closest places you’ll find a big supermarket if you want to get a big shop in before heading to Silverstone for a weekend of camping.

Nearest village to Silverstone

The nearest village to Silverstone circuit is, perhaps unsurprisingly, Silverstone village itself. This is less than 1 mile north of the circuit and is where a number of campsites near Silverstone are located. Silverstone village is only a 25 – 30 minute walk from the nearest circuit entrance, so it’s very accessible for people staying in those camping areas.

There is also a village shop and pub, The White Horse, that serves good food and drink in Silverstone village. A fan favourite for those heading back that way towards their campsite at the end of a day’s racing.

Silverstone main entrance

The main entrance to the Silverstone circuit is located on Dadford Road, just south of the A43. If you’re attending a smaller club race meeting, trackday, driving experience or car show this is the entrance you need to enter by.

If you are going to one of the big events such as the F1, MotoGP or Silverstone Festival then the traffic management plan above will detail the best way to the entrance. For these events it’s best to organise your parking at Silverstone in advance to reduce hassle and time sat in traffic on the day.

Read our general admission tips for info on what to bring and where to go once at the circuit.

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