Silverstone General Admission Tips: What to bring, where to watch

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Silverstone F1 general admission viewing areas

If you’re a first timer to the British Grand Prix or want some more info for your next visit, this article has all the Silverstone general admission tips you need to help you plan your trip.

It includes a fully comprehensive list of everything you need to bring with you, where to sit and what time to arrive.

General Admission tickets to the F1 British Grand Prix are the most cost effective way to get in to the Silverstone circuit and watch the action. 


Silverstone F1 General Admission tickets

For the 2024 British Grand Prix, the General Admission tickets will be released on September  25th 2023. 

General Admission Plus will be released on September 21st 2024.

See our Silverstone ticket prices page for more details on the full ticket release schedule.

General Admission tickets for the 2024 British GP start at the following prices on the Silverstone website:

  • Friday only: £99
  • Saturday only: £129
  • Sunday only: £199
  • Friday – Sunday: £239
  • Thursday – Sunday: £339

There will be discounted GA tickets for children between 3 and 11 years old. Kids under 2 go free.

If last year was anything to go by, Silverstone’s horrible dynamic ticket pricing system means that the ticket prices could go up quickly once they’re first released, so you need to be quick.

Is general admission at Silverstone good?

General Admission tickets at Silverstone are the cheapest way to get access to the Formula One British Grand Prix. 

Whilst a standard general admission ticket doesn’t give you access to any grandstands or exclusive enclosures, it does mean you are free to walk around the outside of the whole circuit and find your favourite viewing spot. If you are quick off the mark and get in to the circuit early, you can blag a great spot. More on that below.

General admission tickets can be over 50% cheaper for a 3-day (or 4-day) pass than some of the grandstands at Silverstone, so it’s likely you’ll save yourself a heap of money. Just be prepared to get your steps in and face the elements!

GA tickets also get you full access to all of the off-track activities like the concerts, entertainment zones, fan zones and more (but not the exclusive afterparties such as the Mahiki club).

Read the rest of this article for some Silverstone general admission tips that should hopefully help you plan your day and make the most of your experience at the F1. It includes a very thorough list list on what to bring with you at the bottom of the page.

If you are thinking about camping, read the full guide to camping at Silverstone.

Silverstone F1 venue map

Check out Silverstone’s interactive map of the circuit for the F1 weekend below. This includes the location of everything – food, drinks, entrances, GA areas, live music stages and more.

Getting to Silverstone

We have full guides on getting to Silverstone by different modes of transport, so read those for much more detail on how to get to the British Grand Prix:

If you are planning on driving and parking near the circuit, make sure you’re aware of the road closures and one-way systems in place. Silverstone’s traffic management plan details all of these:

Where should I sit at Silverstone with general admission?

The map below courtesy of the Silverstone website shows the general admission spectating areas around the outside of the circuit, highlighted in blue.

If you have a 3 day ticket, it makes sense to spend the first day or two walking around the circuit to sample the different viewing areas and find your favourite before race day on Sunday.

If you don’t want to do that, or have only got a ticket for Sunday, below are a few of my suggestions.

1 – Vale corner. This is the biggest and most popular general admission spectating area. This is a huge open area of grass that gives you views of the exit of Stowe and the whole of Vale, Club and the run on to the Hamilton Straight. 

This is a fan favourite as you’re always guaranteed to see some overtaking action at the tight left / right chicane of Vale. See our article on Vale corner viewing for more info on the view, TV screens and spectating at this spot.

General admission at Vale corner during the British Grand Prix
Spectators in the Silverstone general admission area at Vale corner during the British Grand Prix
Spectators in the general admission area at Silverstone during the Formula 1

The video below shows the General Admission view from Vale and Club at 4:19.

2 – Stowe corner. Just a little further back round the track from Vale, the general admission viewing area at Stowe lets you see the cars as they come down the Hangar Straight towards you at close to 200mph. 

You can see their downforce in action through the incredibly fast corner, and if you stand in the right place you can see them all the way down through Vale and Club. 

It’s a much smaller GA area, in front of the middle of the three grandstands only. Our article on spectating at Stowe corner has a lot more info.

Stowe corner general admission viewing

The video below shows the General Admission view from Stowe at 5:08.

3 – Becketts corner. The general admission spectating area here runs in front of both the Becketts and Chapel grandstands. 

It’s quite a narrow area, but it gives you a great view of the cars being sucked to the ground through the incredibly fast Maggots and Becketts corners, followed by Chapel. 

These corners are one of the most impressive displays of their aero grip anywhere on the circuit. See our posts on Becketts and Chapel corners for more info on where to sit, stand and spectate from.

The first image below is from the Becketts stand, the second is from Chapel. You can see people stood or sat on the ground in the GA viewing areas near the fence in both.

General Admission viewing area at Chapel corner at Silvestone

The video below shows the view from the Chapel General Admission area at 6:18.

What is general admission plus?

For about £100 extra for a weekend pass you can buy general admission plus tickets at the Silverstone F1. 

These give you the same access to the general admission spectating areas, but in addition you get entry to four different ‘GA Plus’ viewing areas on Friday and Saturday, and then just your chosen GA Plus viewing area on the Sunday.

The GA Plus viewing areas are mainly concrete steps that are slightly raised up, usually in front of some grandstands. They are nowhere near as elevated as the grandstands, but they do have a slightly higher viewpoint than the normal general admission areas.

Below is the Luffield GA Plus area, in front of the Luffield grandstand.

People still bring chairs to put on the steps. You might be able to sit down between F1 sessions and during the support races but when the Formula 1 boys are on track msot people will be standing up.

There are two GA Plus areas at Copse Corner, two at Luffield Corner, one at Abbey and one at Stowe.

What time should I get to Silverstone?

You should get to Silverstone by 6am at the latest if you want to get one of the best viewing spots for the F1 race on Sunday.

Silverstone entrance gates open at 7:30am Friday and Saturday, and 6:30am on Sunday. 

If you want to get a great spot close to the edge of the circuit, you will 100% need to be in the queue to enter the circuit before the gates open. Even then, some of the fast track ticket holders might have already nabbed the best spots (see next section).

If on the Sunday you plan to get there for 9am or 10am you won’t find a decent spot, plus you’ll have missed some of the support race action. The early bird catches the F1 worm!

Don’t rush to leave the circuit as soon as the race finishes. If you do, you’ll be joining most other people and will probably be stuck in traffic jams or queues for hours. Instead plan to spend another couple of hours enjoying the live music, concerts and after parties.

See the full F1 Silverstone schedule for details of all activities and on-track sessions across the weekend.

Fast Track tickets

Fast track tickets for the F1 at Silverstone allow you to gain entry 30 minutes earlier than the normal general admission tickets. If you are dead-set on getting set up at your favourite spot then it’s probably worth paying the extra for one of these tickets at the time of booking your tickets.

Not all of the spectator entrances allow fast track tickets. See our article on Silverstone entrance gates for details of which ones let fast track ticket holders in.

What to wear

See our article on the Silverstone dress code for detailed information on what to wear.

Can I bring a rucksack in to Silverstone?

You can to bring a rucksack to Silverstone as long as it not over 20 litres capacity. 

Whilst all bags are subject to being searched on entry, the exact capacity of it is unlikely to be checked. Just use common sense. Normal size backpacks are fine, and very much recommended to help carry around the rest of the gear you need to bring. 

Is there luggage storage at Silverstone?

For safety reasons there is no luggage storage at Silverstone, at the F1 or any other events for general admission ticket holders.

At the MotoGP there will be helmet and leather parks for bikers. These will come with a small cost.

Can I take my own food to Silverstone?

You can to take your own food and drink in to Silverstone. There will be loads of food and drinks vendors on site, but these will be quite pricey. Bringing your own food is a good way to save some money.

Lunch time” by William Butt is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

No glass bottles or containers are allowed on site, so make sure everything is in plastic containers or tins.

Bring a cool box or bag as well – again the 20 litre limit applies to this. These can sometimes double up quite well as seats. But don’t bring a four-wheel carry trolley for your food / drink – these are on the prohibited items list (see below).

I suggest bringing lots of extra water bottles. There are water refill stations on site but there’s often big queues for these.

Can you take alcohol in to Silverstone?

You can take your own alcohol in to Silverstone circuit, as long as it is a reasonable amount for your own personal consumption. 

This isn’t a defined amount, but again just be sensible. If your bag gets searched on the way in and they find 8 litres of Vodka in there, you may well get some of it taken off you. A 6-pack of beer, however, will be fine. As above, no glass bottles are allowed.

There will be numerous bars dotted around throughout the circuit which will be selling (very pricey) alcohol as well.

Should I take a chair to Silverstone?

You absolutely, 100% should take a chair to Silverstone if you have general admission tickets. Ideally a foldable, comfortable camping chair is perfect. Without one you’ll be stood up or uncomfortably sat on the grass all day, with a poor view.

Are dogs allowed at Silverstone?

No dogs, animals or other pets are allowed in to the circuit on in the car park at Silverstone. The only exception to this is registered assistance dogs, in which instance you must contact Silverstone beforehand on to make the appropriate arrangements.

Are drones allowed at Silverstone?

During the F1, the Civil Aviation Authority makes the airspace above the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit a no-fly zone. Drones are absolutely not allowed at Silverstone for the F1, and if you are caught attempting to fly one you will have the long arm of the law to deal with.

Are bikes allowed at Silverstone?

Unfortunately bikes are no longer allowed inside the venue for the Silverstone F1. This means you will have to get your steps in and walk around the circuit. But you can ride to the circuit then chain it up on a fence outside.

Can you smoke at Silverstone?

Smoking and vaping is allowed in the open general admission areas at Silverstone. It is prohibited in any grandstands and enclosed areas.


You are allowed to leave and re-enter the circuit during any day over the race weekend. You must make sure the gate staff scan your ticket on the way out, and then again on the way back in. The event programme will list the last re-entry times for each day.

What to bring to Silverstone: the complete list

Here’s a list of things your should consider bringing to Silverstone if you’re a general admission ticket holders. I’ve refined this over many years of visiting cold, wet, windy and ocassionally hot race circuits:


  • Tickets – Silverstone is going fully digital in 2023, so download the Silverstone Tickets app.
  • Money – cards, contactless and cash all worth bringing. There will be a few cash machines dotted around the circuit
  • Rucksack (20 litres max)

Weather protection

  • Sun cream (even if it’s not sunny it helps stop wind burn)
  • UV protection lip balm
  • Sun hat / cap
  • Sun glasses
  • Waterproof everything – jacket / trousers / cagoule, even a waterproof rucksack (or cover) can help keep your belongings dry
  • Umbrella
  • Warm clothes
  • Windproof clothes / snood
  • Gloves
  • Thick socks
  • Waterproof shoes / boots
  • Hand warmers 


  • Download the Silverstone Tickets app to get your digital tickets 
  • Download the Silverstone Events app for maps / timetables of activity across the weekend. Currently this seems to be iOS only.
  • Portable radio with headphones so you can tune in to the 5 Live or Radio Silverstone (87.7FM) coverage of the race (PA system at the track isn’t always loud or clear enough). Phone signal can be patchy so don’t rely on being able to get on the 5 Live stream through your phone’s internet. Of all the Silverstone general admission tips on this page this is probably the #1 tip!
  • A set of noise cancelling over-ear headphones to go over the top of the in-ear headphones from the radio helps cancel out the noise of the cars so you can hear the commentary more easily.
  • Spare batteries for the radio if it’s not rechargeable
  • Fully charged phone
  • Battery bank / power pack
  • Still camera with zoom lens
  • Video camera
  • Spare camera batteries
  • Spare memory cards


  • Folding camping chair(s) – essential!
  • Wind break – one of the tiny tents or single side wind breaks can help, but don’t go too big or you risk taking up spectating room for others. No step ladders or raised platforms allowed.
  • Ear plugs or ear defenders, especially for young kids
  • Binoculars
  • Picnic rug
  • Small cushion (equally useful on grandstand seats)

Food / drink

  • Refillable water bottle – usually there are taps near the toilet areas, but queues can be long.
  • Food – you are allowed to bring your own food in to Silverstone. There are lots of good food vendors, these are often a little pricey, so bringing your own can be cheaper.
  • Drinks – You are allowed to bring your own alcohol in to Silverstone, just no glass bottles (applies to non-alcoholic as well). There are a number of bars dotted around the site that will also be selling alcohol.
  • Water – pack extra bottles of water if it’s going to be hot
  • Electrolyte hydration drinks / tablets / sachets
  • Cool box
  • Rubbish bag – don’t leave any litter!
  • Tissues / wet wipes

Prohibited items

Silverstone have published a pretty comprehensive list of items which you are prohibited from bringing with you in to the circuit. This list is below, as posted on their website, and applies to Silverstone general admission ticket holders and every other type of ticket.

General admission tickets for the MotoGP

The Silverstone general admission tips on this page are also applicable to MotoGP general admission ticket holders. 

However the main difference is that for the MotoGP general admission ticket holders also have roving grandstand access to a selection of stands. You won’t have a reserved grandstand seat, instead it will be first-come first-served in the stands you have access to.

Alex Gassman

I‘m Alex. I write F1 and motorsport travel guides based on my experience as racing driver and full-time motorsport nerd. I’ve traveled the world watching F1 and other racing series.

I started oversteer48 with the aim of helping other motorsport fans who are planning on watching some racing themselves.

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Im curious how strict they are on the 20L bag rule? I have a 30L bag that Id like to take so I can also carry some camera kit in there. Apart from that, just some snacks really.

Also on the note of the camera kit, do you know if there are any restrictions? I have an entry level DSLR with a zoom lens. Nothing super fancy or high end.


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Brilliant website. Thanks very much for creating it. My son and I will be firsttime attendees in 2024 and I’m trying to take in as much helpful information as possible. One question I have is; is it possible to purchase numbered reserved grandstand seats for Sunday?


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