2024 Silverstone Dress Code: What to wear to the Grand Prix

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Silverstone dress code F1 British Grand Prix

Wondering what to wear to Silverstone for the Grand Prix? This article provides information on the Silverstone dress code for all hospitality areas and general admission areas, and gives some advice on what you should and shouldn’t wear.


Is there a dress code at Silverstone?

There is no dress code for general admission, general admission plus or grandstand seat ticket holders at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

There is a dress code for Silverstone hospitality area ticket holders. More on this in the sections below, including some outfit examples at the bottom of the page.

What to wear to Silverstone - general admission / grandstands

For the Silverstone general admission, general admission plus and grandstand seat ticket holders who do not need to stick to a dress code, the most important thing to focus on when deciding what to wear to Silverstone is comfort. Especially with the unpredictability of the British weather.

If it’s likely to be wet then you need to bring waterproof everything. Jacket, poncho, trousers and even a waterproof rucksack cover are all worth while. 

A lot of the general admission areas will be on grass, so also consider your footwear. Waterproof walking shoes or Wellington boots will keep your feet dry if it gets extremely wet and muddy.

If it’s going to be cold – which with the GP being in July you would hope it wouldn’t be – then think about keeping warm. Thermal underwear, gloves, hand warmers, thick socks, woolie hats would all be useful.

And if the British weather gods are smiling for the F1 and we have a glorious hot and sunny weekend then you need to try and keep cool. Think linen shirts, loose fitting clothes and dresses, shorts and sandals. To protect you from the sun, take hats, sun glasses and lots of suncream. A spare t-shirt is also a good idea to change in to later on in the day.

Read our full guide on Silverstone general admission tips for a complete list on what to bring, when to get there and where to sit.

There is no dress code at any of the Silverstone campsites, instead just prepare for the weather!

Concerts / after parties

Silvertone has a great lineup of concert headliners over the Grand Prix weekend. These go on later in the the evenings, so make sure you bring something warmer.

If you’re attending the Mahiki After Parties then be sure to break out your finest Hawiaan shirt for the occasion.

Can you wear shorts to Silverstone?

General admission ticket holders can wear any type of shorts to Silvestone, whatever the weather. Hospitality ticket holders can only wear shorts if the weather is hot and the shorts are smart. 

See below for more information.

Silverstone hospitality dress code

There are numerous different hospitality areas at Silverstone, each costing different amounts, providing a range of VIP experiences and allowing the well-paying fans to get even closer to the action than normal. The Silverstone Paddock Club is the most exclusive.

The dress code for the Silverstone hospitality areas is smart casual.

This applies to the Fusion Lounge, Ignition Club, Paddock Club, Octane Terrace, Trackside and all other hospitality and VIP areas and enclosures.

There are 8 specific points which Silverstone gives regarding the hospitality area dress codes:

  1. Ripped, torn or bleached jeans are not allowed but smart ones are
  2.  Shorts can be worn if the weather is hot, as long as they are smart
  3. More formal attire is welcomed
  4. Dress appropriately for the forecasted weather, especially if using the outdoor areas
  5. All footwear must be clean
  6. Smart trainers are allowed
  7. Flip flops are not allowed inside any hospitality facilities
  8. Team merchandise such as t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats is welcome

Below is a more detailed explanation on each of the points above:

1. You can wear jeans as long as they’re smart. If they are bleach-washed, tye-dyed or have holes or rips in them then you can’t wear them. Chinos are always another great option for men’s smart casual trousers.

2. If it’s hot you can wear shorts, as long as they’re smart. Smart shorts are things like chino shorts and other tailored shorts. Jean shorts, cargo shorts and sports shorts are to be avoided. In 2018 Silverstone Tweeted in the days leading up to the event that shorts would be allowed due to the forecasted hot weather. Keep an eye on their feeds in the run up to the event for any similar updates.

Silverstone hospitality dress code tweet

3.  If you want to dress up smarter, by all means do it! There will be some very snappily dressed people at the F1 so you certainly won’t be alone.

4. You never know what the British weather is going to do. If you plan on making the most of the outdoor areas in the hospitality enclosures, plus the grandstand seats most of them have access to, then you need to be prepared. Pack your wet or sunny weather gear depending on what the forecast predicts.

5. The car parks are usually a little walk away from the hospitality areas, across a lot of grass. If the weather is bad it’s worth bringing one pair of shoes to walk to and from your car in, and another clean pair to use inside the hospitality area.

6. Trainers can be worn as long as they’re smart. Smart in this case usually means clean. Even smart white pumps are fine as long as they’re clean. Running / sports / gym trainers are best avoided as they don’t fall in to the ‘smart’ category.

7. In the history of clothing and footwear, flip-flops have never been classed as smart. And Silverstone agrees, so they are not allowed inside any of the enclosures. I would extend that to sliders as well. Smart sandals like Birkenstocks, however, would be ok.

8. You are encouraged to get fully involved in the sprit of the race weekend by sporting your favourite team or driver’s race wear and merchandise. Branded t-shirts, hats, jackets and all other gear is welcome to be worn inside the hospitality areas. This is on sale from multiple vendors around the circuit throughout the weekend, so can be purchased and worn straight away.

F1 smart casual clothing and outfit ideas

Here’s a few examples of different smart casual outfits for men and women that you could wear to the F1. These will all meet the Silverstone dress code and would leave you looking very stylish.

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