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Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Brooklands corner at Silverstone

Brooklands corner has only been part of the Silverstone circuit since 1991. But since then it has seen a massive amount of racing action, and is now home to some of the best hospitality suites around the whole the circuit. 

This article provides information on everything you need to know about Silverstone Brooklands.


Brooklands corner at Silverstone

Brooklands corner didn’t exist when Silverstone was first used as a circuit in 1948 after it was decided to turn the disused RAF Silverstone airfield in to a motor racing venue.

It was only in 1991 after the circuit went through a major redesign that Brooklands corner was born, along with Luffield, Maggots and Becketts and Vale. Since then it has remained fairly true to its original shape. 

It is a tightening left hander at the end of the fast Wellington Straight, leading directly in to the long 180 degree right hander of Luffield.

Silverstone brooklands corner map

Brooklands corner is used on both the National and Grand Prix circuit layouts at Silverstone. So the F1, MotoGP, Silverstone Festival, BTCC, BSB and pretty much every other race event at Silverstone uses this corner.

This section of track is a key overtaking opportunity for any race series. The nature of the fast, wide left hander of Brooklands switching back to the tighter, slower right hander of Luffield is prime opportunity for some racing action and for drivers or riders to dive up the inside of their competitors.

It’s also the very spot where the 1992 BTCC championship showdown came to it’s controversial climax. 

Spectating at Brooklands

If you have Silverstone F1 or MotoGP general admission tickets and want to be able to spectate at this section of track, there is a long spectating area which runs around the left hand side of the circuit. It goes all the way from the start of the Wellington Straight to half way around Luffield, and can be seen as the light blue area on the image below.

There is no general spectating area on the right hand side of the track here unfortunately.

Brooklands corner at Silverstone grandstands and spectating

The image also shows there are a few other grandstands around this section of track which have views of Brooklands corner. These are the two Luffield grandstands and the two Woodcote grandstands.

Each of these has a different view. If you are looking at getting some grandstand seat tickets, my personal suggestion for maximum view coverage would be to go for Woodcote A grandstand. This has views of the Hangar Straight, Brooklands, Luffield, Woodcote and the Start of the National Pits Straight.

There are also a couple of general admission plus viewing areas in front of both Luffield grandstands. These are slightly raised standing areas that have better views of Brooklands than just the general admission areas.

Brooklands hospitality suites

Arguably the best view of Silverstone Brooklands corner is found in one of the Brooklands hospitality suites. These are directly next to the exclusive BRDC member’s building.

The Brooklands suites building is on the right hand side of the track, just at the turn in point for the corner. It hosts a number of hospitality suites presented by both Silverstone and private companies. Its four floors have wonderful views not just of Brooklands, but of Luffield and Woodcote as well.

Don’t forget to brush up on the Silverstone dress code for hospitality areas before you head to the track. Or check out the new Escapade Silverstone hospitality residencies being built between Copse and Maggots.

Alternative read our full Silverstone hospitality guide for all of the VIP options.

Brooklands suite silverstone hospitality building

Legends Club Brooklands - official Silverstone hospitality

On the ground floor of the Brooklands building is the Silverstone Legends Hospitality area. This has outdoor viewing areas as well as indoor seating and dining area, and can be booked directly through the Silverstone website.

Being on the ground floor the view of Luffield is slightly obscured by the buildings on the other side of the track. For better views look at one of the other Brooklands suites on the higher floors.

There are also a number of companies online who are brokers or resellers of tickets for the Legends Club hospitality in the Brooklands suites.

Legends club view of Brooklands corner at Silverstone

Private Brooklands suite hospitality at Silverstone

A number of private companies offer VIP experiences and suites for hire at Brooklands for both the MotoGP and F1 events. These are in separate suites on other floors of the building, not part of the Legends club. Some of these on the higher floors offer much better views of this whole section of the track.

Some companies also offer their Brooklands suites for other headline events such as Silverstone Festival, the BTCC and BSB.

Brooklands suite hospitality companies at Silverstone:

The image below is from the Senate hospitality suite on the third floor at the far end of the building, giving the best views possible of Brooklands, Luffield and Woodcote.

Some of these companies also offer full Silverstone hospitality packages including hotel stays and glamping or camping at Silverstone experiences.

If you want the most exclusive VVIP experience at the F1, check out the Silverstone paddock club.

The BRDC Clubhouse and grandstands are also situated at Brooklands corner.

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