Marina Grandstand Miami F1 Views, Seat Guide & Seat Chart

Alex Gassman

by Alex Gassman

Marina grandstand Miami F1 view

The Miami Grand Prix track is infamous for its ‘fake marina’ on the inside of the circuit at turns 7 and 8. On the opposite side of the track to the marina are three spectator grandstands known as the Marina grandstands. 

This article is a guide to the Marina Grandstands at the Miami F1, including information on the views from each of the three stands, the seating chart, tips on seat selection and everything else you need to know about spectating here.


Marina grandstand Miami F1

There are three separate Marina grandstands at the Miami F1 race. These were known as Marina grandstands 6, 7 and 8.

All three of these grandstands offer reserved seating in partially covered grandstands.

Miami GP Marina grandstand 6 7 and 8

Where are the Marina grandstands at the Miami F1?

The Marina grandstands at the Miami F1 are located on the outside of turns 7 and 8. This is a fairly slow part of the circuit where the cars are turning left for a long time before they accelerate hard down the long straight after the exit of Turn 8.

The three grandstands are angled towards each other to hug the outside of the circuit as closely as possible. They are directly across the track from the fake marina, situated on the inside of the circuit, which has a number of yachts ‘moored’ in it.


Tickets for the Marina grandstand are very popular at the Miami GP and often sell out quickly on the official website.

So I’d recommend buying tickets through StubHub instead, where you’ll often find them for less than list price. Plus there are many single-day ticket options there as well.

I’ve bought Formula 1 tickets using StubHub a few times during the last couple of seasons, including for when I went to the Las Vegas GP last year. I’ve always had a great experience and will be using them this season for more Formula 1 tickets.

They also have a ‘FanProtect guarantee’ which is very robust ensures your tickets and your money are always safe and protected.

Marina grandstand Miami F1 seating chart

Below is a seating chart for each of the Marina grandstands at the Miami F1. As the chart shows, each stand is split in to a number of sections.

Grandstand K is split in to sections MG-1 to MG-4, grandstand J is the biggest of the three and has five sections named JMG-5 to MG-9 and grandstand H is split into sections MG-10 to MG-13.

Each of the three Marina grandstands has 27 rows, with row A being lowest down at the front and row AA being highest up at the back. The rows go up from A to Z, and then AA is the back row. 

The seat numbers increase from left to right, as you stand on the track and look up at the stands. Seat numbers also start from zero in each section. 

Sections 1, 4, 5, 9, 10 and 13 are all 12 seats wide. The other sections are 24 seats wide.

Grandstand details


The Marina grandstands at the Miami F1 are partially covered. They have a roof which directly covers the back 13 rows, so rows 14 and up will be in the shade and out of the sun pretty much all of the time. 

The few rows just in front of that might catch a bit of shade as the sun changes position as well, but anything further forward than row 10 is likely to be completely unshaded.

There are no sides on the grandstand so if you are sat on the extreme ends you are still likely to be exposed to some of the elements.

Formula 1 covered grandstands at Miami


All of the seating in the three Marina grandstands is individual chairs with seat backs, but there are no armrests or cupholders.

TV Screens

There is one giant TV screen visible from all three of the Marina grandstands. It’s located on the inside of the circuit just to the left of the Marina. 

This screen can be seen in the videos and on the diagram below. You can see that it’s easiest to see from stand H as it’s closest, and from stand K it’s a little further away.

Some of the very top rows have their view of the screen obscured by the front of the roof.

Views from the Marina grandstands at the Miami GP

Grandstand H

Marina Grandstand H is the one closest to the exit of Turn 6. Due to the nature of the track and the size of the run-off area, it’s also the one which is furthest away from the circuit itself.

 However, its position means that it’s the only one of the three grandstands that gives you a view of Turn 6 as well as 7 and 8.

1:35 in the video below was filmed from the far right-hand side of Marina grandstand H, section MG-10, somewhere around row 10.

This video of Charles Leclerc’s Q3 crash in 2023 was filmed from further to the left in grandstand H, section MG-12, around row 10.

Grandstand J

Being in the middle of the other two stands, grandstand J doesn’t give you a view of Turn 6. Instead you have a full view of Turn 7 and a pretty good vantage point for Turn 8. 

You can see the cars hit the apex for 8 and accelerate down the initial part of the following straight. You’ll just about lose them out of sight as they go under the first spectator bridge between turns 8 and 9.

The further to the right you sit, the better view you’ll have of the cars exiting Turn 8. Section MG-5 is on the extreme right hand side and would give you the best vantage point for that.

The video below was filmed from the Miami Marina grandstand H, section MG-5, row 24. Note how the TV screen is obscured by the roof when sat in a row this high.

Grandstand K

Grandstand K has no view at all of Turn 6. Instead, you have a great view of Turn 7 but an even better view of the entry, apex and exit of Turn 8.

Again the further to the right of this stand you sit, the better your view will be of the cars once they exit Turn 8. Sit in the extreme right hand sections, MG-1 or MG-2, and you can also just about follow the cars as they go through the little wiggle after Turn 8 whilst at full acceleration.

The image below was taken from Marina grandstand 8, section MG-2 row 18.

Miami marina grandstand view

Is the Marina grandstand Miami F1 a good place to sit?

Sitting in either of the three Marina grandstands to watch the Miami F1 is good if you want to be somewhere with a great atmosphere. The large grandstands will be absolutely packed and you’ll be surrounded by thousands of cheering fans.

There are a number of general concessions directly behind the stand, plus you’re only a short walk from the West Campus which has more food and drink vendors, the F1 Fanzone and the Hard Rock Stadium.

However, if you’re a die-hard racing fan and want to see some proper action then the Marina Grandstands at the Miami F1 are not the place for you. Ok, so Leclerc crashed here at the 2023 Miami Grand Prix, but turns 6, 7 and 8 normally see very little (if any) overtaking and the cars usually come around these corners single file.

Marina grandstands at the Miami F1 Grand Prix

If you want to see some more overtaking, check out the Miami GP Beach grandstands which have a great view of Turn 11 at the end of one of the Miami F1 DRS zones where there’s always some overtaking.

If you did want to sit in the Marina grandstands, I’d try and get a seat as far right as possible in stand 8. Somewhere in section MG-1 to give you the best chance of seeing the cars after they’ve left turn 8, and probably around row 20 to make sure you’re in the shade. 

Go a few seats in from the end of the grandstand as the sides aren’t covered.

Nearest entrance and parking

The nearest spectator entrance gate to the Marina grandstands is gate 5 if you’re coming from South of the circuit or gate 8 if you’re coming from the North / West B.

See our article on Miami F1 parking for more info on the nearest parking lots to this entrance gate.

Other Miami F1 grandstands

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